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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical session like:
Reiki is done through gentle touch or in some areas holding the hands a few inches above the body. You can remain clothed for the session, I just ask that you take off your shoes and any jewelry you might be wearing. You will start lying on your back and then you will move onto your stomach after I have balanced the front of your energy centers (chakras). I like to have a short consultation before the session to discuss any concerns you may have and answer any questions so please allot an additional 10 minutes to your session.

How often do I need Reiki:
This is completely dependant on each individual and their circumstances. It is recommended to have 3 sessions a week apart to really balance the energy and get things flowing smoothly. After that you can come back as often as you feel necessary to stay centered. If you are suffering from a chronic condition or pain you can come as often as twice a week. We will discuss what might be best for you when we meet.

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Alissa is a highly intuitive Energy Healer that uses her skill to help center and balance every client she works on. She is passionate, vibrant, and loves seeing people heal!

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